WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

CBD Oil for Dogs with Cancer

Although cancer affects a wide number of humans and animals all over the globe, it is a disease that is quite complicated and still not fully understood.

Generally, cancer involves abnormal cell growth in various body parts. This abnormal growth of cells is usually uncontrollable and over a period of time, it destroys the body tissues. Ultimately, the body’s functions of working properly get hindered.

However, the term cancer is not a single disease but refers to a wide spectrum of diseases that affect and spread through the body in different ways.

However, not all cancers are terminal. Some cancers are benign, and hence easily treatable. Even a number of terminal cancers can be treated easily if diagnosed in time.

Cancer is a disease that is very common among the dogs. In fact, The Veterinary Cancer Society issued a report according to which cancer is the leading cause of death for more than 47% of the dogs.

There is a range of cancers that affect dogs, and each of these is treated very differently. Most commonly, the cancers that affect dogs include cancers of skin, mammary glands, head and neck, lymphoma, abdominal tumors bone, and testicles.

Digging deeper into the studies, we can find out that CBD happens to be a major candidate that could help in the treatment of cancer among dogs and humans both.

First of all, CBD is beneficial for the management of cancer symptoms and the side effects of treatment such as chemotherapy.

Apart from that, CBD also helps in fighting the spread and development of a range of different tumors.

One of the major side effects of chemotherapy treatment in both humans and dogs alike is a loss of appetite. This is where CBD plays an extremely beneficial role, as a few doses of CBD oil over a couple of days could help to regulate the appetite.

Another common side effect of chemotherapy is nausea. This is something that a wide range of cancer patients suffer from when exposed to chemotherapy. Again, CBD oil helps in relieving nausea, hence allowing your pet to feel relaxed followed by the treatment.

Moreover, CBD for dogs with cancer may also slow down the growth of tumors and prevent them from spreading in the body. Back in 2012 and 2014, two studies were published by researchers from the University of Naples and the University of Aberdeen. These researchers tested how CBD affects colon cancer. It was found that CBD exhibited an anti-tumor effect while counteracting the azoxymethane effects, which is a chemical that induces cancer.

As far as the dosage goes, the dosage is around 2 to 4 drops which are administered 2 to 4 times a day. It is always recommended to get guidance a veterinary doctor who is experienced in the use of CBD for dogs with cancer.

Also, do note that CBD oil will not necessarily cure cancer in dogs. However, it makes it easy to manage the tough symptoms that are associated with the treatment of cancer.