WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

CBD Oil for Pets

A simple google search for ‘CBD Oil for Pets’ will bring a wide number of websites. Yet, a number of basic questions regarding CBD oil and its suitability for pets remain completely unanswered.

Hence, it is natural for you to wonder whether it is even safe to introduce your pet to CBD oil for whatever purpose it may be.

In case you happen to visit a dog park in a state such as California where cannabis is legal, you are likely to overhear someone recommending CBD oil for dogs.

Since CBD oil has a range of positive effects on the human body, it is likely to help pets in pretty much the same way. There is a wide range of examples where the use of CBD oil for cats or dogs may help - for instance, in controlling the anxiety of going to a vet.

Most of the information regarding CBD and its uses for pets is a result of personal experimentation of pet owners. As far as scientific research goes, not a lot has been done in this regard.

So let us dive a deeper and see if CBD oil could actually be beneficial for your pets.

CBD Oil for Dogs

First of all, it is important to know that CBD is not a psychoactive substance. Hence, it should not be confused with THC that delivers pretty much the same benefits with the added psychoactive effects. 

Most of the pure CBD oils do not have any THC content in them, except for some specialized variants. Dog owners have reported that the use of CBD has helped them in controlling the seizures and epilepsy symptoms.

Moreover, CBD is known to stop and slow down the cancer cells from growing. This property of CBD oil could be beneficial for humans and dogs alike.

Other lesser-known benefits of CBD Oil for Dogs includes a reduction in anxiety, relieving pain, improving bowel movement, improves the cardiovascular system, and increases the appetite.

CBD Oil for Cats

CBD Oil could be equally beneficial for cats, as it is for dogs. Moreover, CBD would deliver the very same benefits to your cat allowing it to live longer and healthier. Still, the use of CBD for pets remains a topic that’s still quite controversial and people seem to carry mixed opinions.

Nevertheless, in the case of cats, the dosage has to be pretty small. For instance, it is safe to give in between 1-5 mg of dosage to a cat at a time. However, a single dosage should not exceed 5 mg.

Pet owners are, however, always recommended to start out small. Most of the pet owners end up seeing results in their pet’s overall mood and condition within 30 minutes. In case there is no change, the dosage can be increased slightly within an hour or so. In case you want to control the pain of your pets, it is recommended to give one dosage every 8 hours. For other cases, such as breaking unnecessary patterns in behavior, go for a small dosage once or twice a day.