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CBD Oil for Autism

Autism is considered to be a developmental disorder that is caused due to a mix of environmental actors and genetic mutations. In the United States, 1 in every 59 children get affected by Autism. These statistics have been presented by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Every individual affected by autism exhibits a number of characteristics that vary along a wide spectrum. Autism is a disorder that currently has no cure. However, CBD shows promising prospects when it comes to the management of the symptoms/effects of Autism.

A number of parents of autistic children have included the use of CBD Oil in the daily routine of their child, and have seen great results. A wide number of these parents on the internet discuss the benefits of CBD Oil for Autism with respect to controlling seizures and alleviating a range of other negative behavioral effects.

In simple terms, Autism Spectrum Disorder, also simply known as Autism is a condition of the brain in which a person has difficulty in social communication and behaviors that are repetitive. Apart from that, it also results in a decrease in attention and coordination. Sometimes, it also results in depression, anxiety, dyspraxia, hyperactivity, and dyslexia.

Since there is no concrete scientific evidence as proof that CBD is effective in treating autism, most people remain skeptical about it. However, there is a range of research experiments and scientific trials being conducted in this regard.

In one study, the safety, tolerability, and the efficacy of CBD was assessed with respect to treating the behavioral issues that arise in children suffering from autism. Around 61% of the participants afflicted with autism experienced an improvement in their behavior. At the same time, these patients have a significant improvement in their anxiety and communication problems, with 39% and 48% respectively. At the same time, there was an improvement of 29% in disruptive behaviors.

Another study is being conducted by the Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research (CMCR) at UC San Diego School of Medicine. At the end of this study, scientists they aim for form a conclusion whether the CBD improves the flow of the neurotransmitter (chemical messengers) and the way the overall process occurs. At the same time, they seek to improve the brain connectivity and to figure out if CBD will cause a reduction in the brain inflammation (a symptom that is commonly associated with ASD)

At the same time, researchers at the Montefiore Medical Center and NYU Langone are gathering together to conduct tests on adolescents and children suffering from severe autism in between the ages 5 to 18. This study will involve a double-blind. This means that neither the researchers nor the children will know who gets the placebo rather than the actual CBD compound.

There is a big lack of clear evidence for whether it is beneficial for use CBD Oil for Autism. As a result of this scientists have not been able to form any concrete conclusions, as of yet. However, the prospects of CBD Oil still looks huge.