WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

CBD Oil for ADHD

Based on early research, we can conclude that perhaps CBD is indeed beneficial for patients who are suffering from epilepsy. At the same time, CBD is also believed to provide relief from a range of conditions that include depression, anxiety, pain, and acne.

However, people offer wonder whether CBD is helpful in the treatment of ADHD. Up till now, there is no concrete research that could prove whether CBD Oil for ADHD is beneficial or not.

Nowadays, CBD and other marijuana-based compounds are becoming quite popular. This is because marijuana is being legalized in a number of states. Hence, the interest in this peculiar plant (or as we shall say herb) is constantly increasing. Part of the credit may also go to the decrease in social stigmas attached to the use of cannabis, ever since its legalization.

Simply put, CBD (cannabidiol) is a compound that is found in the cannabis plant. Do note that CBD is not to be confused with THC that delivers somewhat similar benefits with the added psychoactive effects.

Nevertheless, when taken in the form of CBD oil, edible, or a tincture, CBD is widely popular for reducing anxiety, treating pain, reducing inflammation, and a lot more.

A number of people have also reported experiencing/observing a reduction in the ADHD symptoms followings its use. Hence, the curiosity of the general public continues to grow.

While half of the lot that has tried CBD on their own has not experienced any changes with no adverse effects either, the other half reports a few positives. According to 50% of the people suffering from ADHD, the use of CBD calmed their minds down and they felt ‘less manic’ and more relaxed.

According to Dr. Mitchell from the Duke University ADHD Program, there is no single study as of yet that revolves around the possible good or bad effects of CBD Oil for ADHD.

According to Dr. Robert, who is an assistant professor at Vanderilt University, there are a number of anecdotes that suggest that CBD may be helpful for people suffering from ADHD. Moreover, he adds that the positive success stories and cases that we get to hear are about the 1 out of 10 people who have experienced a great response. However, we do not get to hear about the remaining 9 people who do not get any benefit.

As of now, the legality of CBD is the prime factor that is responsible for the lack of research and federal grants. After all, getting a federal grant to study a largely illegal compound is extremely difficult. Moreover, a lot of other factors such as politics also come into play here. This is because of the few social stigmas that are still attached to cannabis, such as being known as the gateway drug that results in lethargy or schizophrenia if used in the long-run.

Nevertheless, more research into the possible effects of CBD Oil for ADHD can be expected as soon as the awareness spreads, legality improves, and social stigmas disappear.